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Sheryl Kraft is a freelance journalist, essayist and writer of non-fiction based in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Her writing covers all areas, with a concentration in health, wellness and fitness. With the exception of quantum physics, just about everything interests her; in fact, one of the greatest things Sheryl finds about writing is the opportunity it gives her to delve into subjects and discover something new.

Sheryl’s work has appeared in Prevention, Woman’s Day, Everyday Health,, Family Circle magazine, Boomeon, Westchester (NY) Magazine, WebMD, Senior Planet, Brain Child, MoreTimeToTravel, JAMA, AARP, Weight Watchers, Bottom Line/Health, Bottom Line/Women’s Health, Caring Today and assorted Connecticut regional publications.

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Losing It: Family Circle Diet Challenge

It’s no wonder bookstore shelves are overflowing with diet guides promising to help you drop a dress size—or four. Nearly three-quarters of American women have attempted to shed pounds, with successful losers relying more on dieting than exercise. So we had Family Circle staffers commit to six different slim-down plans and report back.

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What You Should Know About Sex After 50

The irony of it: As baby boomers, we put sexual liberation on the map. But, like it or not, now that we’re over 50, many of us are fighting the effects of age on our sexuality.

Women are two to three times more likely to be affected by age-related sex issues than men due to falling levels of estrogen and testosterone, according to studies. Hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and arousal problems can all make sex potentially problematic…

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Stretching Toward Light

Daylight savings time, April 1989. Huddled in my warm house reading a book to my two sons, three-year-old Jonathan perched on my right knee and 18-month-old Jeremy on my left: I contemplate what it will mean to set the clocks one hour ahead later this evening. Just one hour seems immensely insignificant. Ten hours wouldn’t even be enough. My breast cancer diagnosis just four months prior – when the skies were dark by four o’clock and the world, once full of promise, crumbled around me – made me long for time to fast-forward; for it to take me to a safer place, to a failsafe future where things are straight instead of crooked.

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Stop Middle-Age Belly Fat

Weight gain is harder to avoid as you age, but it’s not impossible. By making simple changes, you can avoid the spare tire that often accompanies menopause. Read on for 10 expert tips to stop middle-age belly fat…

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Heart Disease Symptoms in Women

Heart disease is the number one cause of death and disability in women, accounting for 267,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. Then why do so many women still think it’s just a “man’s disease?”

When 50-year-old Rosie O’Donnell felt nauseated and weak a few hours after helping an obese woman struggling to get out of her car last week, the furthest thing from her mind was that she was in the throes of an impending heart attack.

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